ORR promote Stress Awareness

29 November 2016

The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR), as part of their occupational health programme for 2010-14, is working to promote wider adoption of an organisational, preventive approach to stress management by rail companies.

Stress has been identified as a key issue of concern by both by rail employers and trade unions. The TUC biennial survey of safety representatives in 2010 identified stress as the top health concern in the transport sector.

The ORR have published a second occupational health programme for 2014-19 which focuses on embedding the health and well-being of railway workers into the culture of our industry. It seeks to move the rail industry beyond consistent legal compliance towards excellence in managing occupational health, ensuring a more efficient, productive and healthier workforce.  Read more here:  ORR work-related stressORR work-related stress

The ORR would like to encourage employees' representatives to get involved in thinking about prevention of work related stress in the workplace.  They have suggested that safety representatives complete the online exercises on HSE's website to help better understand their role in applying the HSE management standards approach.

Five short exercises take you through the signs and symptoms of stress and ask what you can do as workforce representatives to help reduce and prevent stress. The ORR anticipate that completion of the on-line exercises may take about an hour, in some cases less. Once you’ve completed the exercises, answers can be saved and printed in PDF form and used as basis for discussion at joint safety committee meetings with your employers.

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