Ed Miliband

06 June 2013

‘We welcome Ed’s plans to start investing in building homes rather than, as the Conservative-led coalitionare doing, paying for their failure to build for Britain with rising housing benefits. We need more homes in this country, and it is absurd to play – and pay – into the hands of private landlords because we can’t – or won’t – get our act together. People need a roof above their heads and the investment we make in our housing stock will give the British economy – still flatlining after the coalition’s cuts – the kick start it so desperately needs.

‘We welcome the real jobs guarantee, to be paid for by a bank bonus tax, the idea of living wage zones, and Ed’s promise to tackle insecure work, including the abuse of zero hours contracts, low pay, rather than leaving the taxpayer to pick up the bill, and to enforce the minimum wage.

‘There is a plan here – Labour’s One Nation plan – to turn the economy around, protect the NHS, and build a better Britain.’

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