Passengers Fears

06 June 2013

‘The railways have been making big strides in recent years to make it easier for disabled people – and older people - to travel by train. But the proposals in the McNulty Report to slash staff on trains and at stations will make it much harder – many disabled people say impossible – for them to continue to be passengers on our railways.


‘The House of Commons Select Committee recently heard evidence about how one disabled passenger had to travel in the driver’s cab because there were no staff on the train – or at the station – to help him. It makes you wonder what the railways are for.


‘The point, surely, is to make it possible – to make it easier, and to make it safer – for people to get about. Not to make it impossible for them to travel by train.


‘That’s why we need proper staffing levels on trains and at stations to help all passengers – but especially those who are older or disabled – to make their journey.’

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