The Great Train Robbery

07 June 2013

The Centre examined the key objectives of privatisation – such as passenger comfort and numbers, cost effective transport, investment, innovation – as laid out by John Major’s Conservative government in 1994. It found that, on every measure, privatisation had come up short.

Mick Whelan said: ‘Privatisation has proved to be a bad deal for taxpayers, for passengers, for employees and for the British railway industry. In the face of soaring fares, more overcrowded trains, much bigger taxpayer subsidies and rising dividends being shipped offshore by the privatised rail companies, we think it is time to bring Britain’s railways back into public ownership.

‘Because the privatised railways are failing this country – society, the economy and the environment – while draining taxpayers’ money into the pockets of private shareholders. Commonsense and expert railway knowledge were trampled on by a misguided 1990s private-must-be-best ethos which has left Britain with a fragmented and dysfunctional railway system that other countries view with disbelief.’

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