Boris Johnson's Land Grab

19 June 2013

‘We welcome the DfT’s decision to reject his plan to run Southeastern services from Kent. It was a silly idea – a land grab by the London Mayor – which would have done nothing for the passengers who use these services, and nothing for the men and women who work on these services.

‘It was an idea he dreamt up over lunch one day. He didn’t bother to consult with anyone who knows anything about these commuter services, and he even managed to upset not just the train operating company but the Conservative administration at county hall in Kent.

‘The Mayor of London is a man who shoots from the lip – who doesn’t bother to think things through properly – and a man who is closing fire stations in the capital and putting jobs, services and lives at risk is not a man you can trust to run anything.’

Paul Carter, the Conservative leader of Kent County Council, also objected to the idea by the Tory London Mayor. He said Mr Johnson’s plans were ‘totally unacceptable’.

The Mayor is now turning his attention to taking over the West Anglia route out of Liverpool Street. Mick added: ‘Boris Johnson seems determined to take over something. Having failed with Southeastern he’s eyeing up West Anglia and then it will be Downing Street. No wonder David Cameron is worried…’

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