Cutting fares and cutting costs

20 June 2013

After a new Passenger Focus survey revealed that half of all passengers believe the fares being charged by the privatised train companies ‘offer poor value for money’, ATOC announced: ‘The key to keeping fares down is reducing the cost of running the railway’ and added that it plans to ‘cut costs extensively’ by 2019.

Mick said: ‘ATOC are being disingenuous because, as an umbrella trade organisation, they’re not in a position to cut the fares that passengers pay – or to cut costs, either.

‘So ATOC are misleading the travelling public while tacitly defending what passengers see as poor value on Britain’s privatised trains – high fares and overcrowded carriages.

‘We’ve also seen that when a train operating company does reduce its costs, it never reduces its fares, it simply makes more profits to line the pockets of its shareholders.’

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