Stop 25m mega-trucks

07 October 2013

Dangerous mega-trucks could create competition for more environmentally-friendly freight-on-rail.

A change in European rules could let massive new mega-trucks – which are up to 25 metres, or 80 feet, long – into the UK. The European Commission, which is pushing for this change, itself admits they are dangerous, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists. The trucks also damage roads and create unfair competition for more environmentally-friendly freight-on-rail.

Some countries already allow mega-trucks on their roads but this change would mean that mega-trucks become standard across much of Europe.

The UK government has already buckled under pressure from the road haulage industry and allowed trials of 7 feet longer HGVs. We need to throw out the European Commission's proposal now before more pressure from industry pushes the government into accepting mega-trucks in to the UK.

Please write to your MEP asking them to throw out this proposal. Visit the Freight on Rail campaign website for more information.

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