Austerity uncovered

07 October 2013

Austerity uncovered

Austerity isn't working. In June 2013, the TUC and Britain’s trade unions will be traveling across the country letting people tell their own story about life in Britain today.

The last few years have seen a drastic erosion of living standards for ordinary families and working people in the UK. Households are being stretched to the limit by a perfect storm of a harsh economic climate, coupled with slashed support and services from the state.

We need help gathering people’s stories about how the cuts are affecting them and their communities. If you can’t make it to the tour in person, you can share your experiences of austerity, and how it’s affecting the people and places where you live, by clicking here.

At the same time, the TUC have launched 'Britain needs a pay rise':  A pay campaign highlighting how much smaller the nation’s pay packet is than before the recession.  Follow this link to visit the website now!

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