Save our Postal Service

07 October 2013

Labour says ‘Save our Daily Postal Delivery’

Mick Whelan has backed the Labour Party campaign in opposition to government plans to sell off the Royal Mail.

He said ‘It is in all our interests to defend all essential services that can’t be trusted in the hands of private investors.

‘We opposed a Royal Mail sell-off when a sale was proposed by Thatcher and Hesteltine, and again when a similar initiative was backed by Mandelson and Blair. It was wrong then. It is wrong now.’

Mick urges all ASLEF members to sign the petition (see below) that the Labour Party is organising as part of its activities, which will also include briefings and a pack for the use of for MPs, candidates and local campaigners..

Edinburgh South MP Ian Murray has written to Royal Mail Minister Michael Fallon MP urging him to protect our postal services. This is the content of the letter:

‘We all rely on the Royal Mail – from receiving that parcel we’ve ordered online to knowing that birthday card we’ve sent is going to arrive in time.

‘In rural areas the local post office acts as a focal point for communities and there are many pensioners across the country who are reassured by seeing their regular postie every morning. There are also many small businesses that rely on the Royal Mail to provide their goods and services.

‘The Royal Mail made a £400m profit last year. But with privatisation there’s a real risk this extra money will just line the pockets of private investors instead of being re-invested in the service we pay for.  Privatisation will also threaten the universal service obligation and the post office network.’

We ask you to co-sign Ian’s message to the government by clicking here

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