Demos at Conservative party conference

07 October 2013

Demos at Conservative party conference

Sunday 29 September: NHS Demo and Tuesday 1 Oct: Don't CON-DEM our public transport

A march and rally have been called by the TUC, and backed by unions and NHS campaign groups. We'll be assembling on Sunday 29th October at Liverpool Road (M3 4FP) from 11am, and marching to a rally in Whitworth Park.

The protest will highlight the impact of huge job losses and spending cuts across the health service, as well as the rapid sell-off of the most lucrative parts of the NHS to private healthcare companies

Come dressed as walking wounded in hospital gowns and wrapped in bandages or as health worker zombies, and bring your noise makers.

Tuesday 1 October:  Don't CON-DEM our public transport.

ASLEF and partners will be demonstrating from 13h00 to 14h00 in front of Bridge Water Hall, Lower Mosley Street, to demand investment in PUBLIC Transport, not subsidised Private Profits, and an stop to cuts in vital services.

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