Double Bubble Bonuses for the Bosses

25 June 2013

Bosses at Network Rail drew up the controversial plans – condemned by critics as a ‘slap in the face’ for fare-paying passengers and workers on the railways – to pay themselves up to 100% of salary and hoped to keep the new scheme under wraps until their annual general meeting in Cardiff next month. The double bonus arrangement is in addition to existing annual bonuses of up to 60% of salary.

Biggest winner of the potential new 160% ‘bonuses for bosses’ pot is chief executive Sir David Higgins, who will see his salary of £577,000 soar to more than £1.5 million if he meets his targets.

‘That’s an awful lot of money for doing his job properly,’ said Mick Whelan. ‘Does that mean that drivers can expect 160% bonuses if trains arrive on time? Or is it one rule for the bosses, and another for the people at the sharp end of the service, on trains and station platforms?

‘And it’s strange, to say the least, that they’re planning to turn themselves into millionaires ­– at the expense of the rest of us, because we all pay their salaries ­– when they have failed to meet their own punctuality and safety targets over the last couple of years.’

A Network Rail spokesman said: ‘The new scheme is proposed to recognise outstanding and exceptional performance over the three years to 2015 and be measured against train performance, savings made for the taxpayer and the successful delivery of congestion easing projects. The scheme proposal will be formally discussed and voted on at the company’s AGM in July.’

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