Spending Review

26 June 2013

Mick said: ‘Although it's good news that some important railway projects have escaped the Chancellor’s cuts, and are still on track, the announcement of a further round of cuts as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review is enormously disappointing and will do nothing to help us out of the hole we are in.

'George Osborne is reluctant to admit what to the rest of us – including the IMF – is obvious, and that is that his deficit reduction strategy just isn’t working. It’s failing. Not only to reduce the deficit, but to get the British economy moving again.’

The Chancellor’s announcement of £220 million cuts at City Hall in London – which is sure to lead to job losses in the capital – came in the wake of the news, revealed in Transport for London’s annual report today, that Sir Peter Hendy, the Transport Commissioner, scooped the jackpot with an ‘Olympic performance bonus’ of £168,640 while London Underground managing director Mike Brown picked up a bonus of £88,936. The report also revealed that 328 TfL managers banked six figure salaries in 2011/12.

‘It looks like it’s one rule for the rich and another for the less well off,’ said Mick. ‘Ordinary people are going to lose their jobs while Peter Hendy banks an enormous bonus.’

And just days after Boris Johnson’s bid to run Southeastern services into the capital from Kent was turned down, he got the ‘consolation prize’ of taking control of West Anglia suburban rail services into Liverpool Street.

Mick said: ‘The Mayor of London knows nothing about running rail services and refuses to talk to those who do. A man who is putting lives at risk by closing fire stations in the capital is not a man you can trust to run anything.’

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