Olympics Bonus

26 June 2013

Transport for London revealed in its annual report, published today, that Transport Commissioner Sir Peter Hendy scooped the jackpot with an ‘Olympic performance award’ of £168,640 while London Underground managing director Mike Brown picked up £88,936. The report also reveals that 328 top managers took home six figure salaries in 2011/12.

Mick said: ‘Congratulations to Sir Peter Hendy who won the gold medal with his £168,640 bonus. But well done Mike Brown for picking up the silver and £88,936. Lots of bronze medals, too, for all the managers who were paid more than £100,000 in the last financial year.

‘But this is a bonus for doing your job. And these people weren’t actually driving the trains, or cleaning the trains, or selling the tickets, or making the station announcements, or doing all the other jobs which meant that passengers got where they wanted to go when they wanted to get there.

‘As ever, it’s one rule for the bosses and another for the staff. The people at the top pick up bonuses for the job done by the people, as it were, on the factory floor. It would be nice if bonuses for hitting targets were spread around a little more. David Cameron and Boris Johnson are always going on about the trickle down effect but I don’t see it here.’

TfL said: ‘London’s transport network had a record-breaking year with hugely improved reliability and tremendous support for a successful London 2012 Games. The excellent management team and staff of TfL have really delivered! The total remuneration of the Commissioner and chief officers remains at the lower end of that paid for similar jobs elsewhere in the transport and related industries where TfL competes with the private sector for high quality staff.’

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