Level Crossings

26 June 2013

Mick said: ‘Level crossings represent the single most dangerous point in Britain’s rail network; this is where the risk of a train accident is at its greatest.

‘Last year six people died in accidents at level crossings; three pedestrians and three in motor vehicles. Those figures exclude deaths due to trespass and suicide.

‘No level crossing can ever be completely safe and that is why ASLEF has been campaigning to phase them out.

‘Instead of taking money out of the railways in the form of profits for the privatised rail companies, which are then passed on to shareholders in the form of dividends, many of them shipped offshore, we need to invest in the railway infrastructure of this country.

‘Utilising existing and available technology to make level crossings safer would be a good start. And replacing level crossings with bridges and tunnels would bring Britain’s railway system into the 21st century.’

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