Action for Rail fare protests

13 August 2013

ASLEF were among the many campaigners handing out postcards at 47 stations across the country this morning, calling on MPs to put people before profits and return our railways to public ownership.

“ASLEF condemns soaring fares for passengers –just one of the increased costs of privatisation we are all suffering – which is driving more and more people into transport poverty. The increased costs of travel, and the inability of some people now to afford to travel, contrasts very sharply with the increased profits made by the privatised train operating companies, and the money they are taking out of Britain’s railways, which should, of course, be a public service in the public sector” said Mick Whelan.

As of this January, rail fares are set to be 40 per cent higher than in 2008. Over the same period, average earnings have increased by just 15 per cent, with rail fares rising nearly three times faster than wages. A Reading to London zone 1 season ticket is set to cost £4,904 next year, up from £3,710 in 2008. Meanwhile, investment by train operating companies in trains and stations is minimal, with the average age of rolling stock increasing since rail privatisation. While train company revenues continue to increase, little of this benefits of passengers.

The TUC has set up a rail fare rise projector to show how regulated fares have increased since 2008.

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