Independent study backs Glasgow air-rail link

29 August 2013

An independent report has backed building a direct rail link between Glasgow’s airport and the city centre – four years after the Scottish government scrapped plans to build one.

A report from infrastructure specialists Aecom has now come down with a firm recommendation for an airport-city rail link. The report was commissioned by Glasgow Airport management in partnership with Transport Scotland and Glasgow and Renfrewshire councils

Alternatives from light rail to electric cars were considered, but it appears that Transport Scotland is wary of the call for a rail link as it fears considerable political reaction. There was an outcry in 2009 when the Scottish government scrapped the proposal after work had already begun at Glasgow’s Central Station.

Transport Scotland has pledged to publish a ‘final report’ next year but ASLEF’s Kevin Lindsay says he cannot see the point in delay.

‘I would like to see a report on how it is to be achieved, not one going over old ground of whether to build it,’ Kevin says. ‘An independent view was sought. It reached a conclusion. There should be action now, not another exercise in excuse-gathering.

‘An efficient and reliable rail link from the airport would be a benefit for the whole area, and a major boost for Scottish business development.’

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