Root and branch reform

10 September 2013

Simon Weller has called for root and branch reform of the way public services are delivered in Britain. Speaking at a packed Action for Rail meeting at the TUC in Bournemouth – it was standing room only at the back – he said: ‘We need a root and branch reform of the way public services are delivered to the public in this country because it’s clearly not working at the moment. The public are being short changed by the politicians.’

Simon, speaking from the platform with Shadow Transport Secretary Maria Eagle, also tackled the many myths of privatisation.

He said: ‘There’s the myth of more investment; the myth of innovation; the myth of a better run railway; and the myth – laughable, now – that it was going to be cheaper.

‘It’s obviously not cheaper, because fares have gone up, and gone up much faster than wages; our rolling stock is older; and the most innovative thing since privatisation is the Oyster card, smart ticketing, provided by TfL, which is effectively state-owned. Passengers think we have investment but it is always state investment; none of it comes from the private operators who only invest in their brand.’

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