12 September 2013

We have submitted a motion to the Labour Party conference (to be held in Brighton at the end of this month) calling on the party to maintain its support for high speed rail. Our motion reads:

Conference notes KPMG’s report published on 11 September which shows that HS2 could give a £15 billion annual boost to the economy with particular benefits for the north and the Midlands. Conference asserts that the existing rail network is operating at near full capacity and neither new motorways nor domestic air travel are sustainable options to meet the mobility requirements of a British population expected to grow by 10 million by 2033.

Conference regrets the absence of a national transport strategy from the current Government and believes the development of a high speed rail network must be at the heart of Labour’s transport policy and future vision.

Conference welcomes Labour’s instigation and continued support for this vital national infrastructure development and applauds the party’s pledge to scrap HS2 Ltd and hand over the project to Network Rail in order to ensure the new line is properly integrated into the existing rail network. In addition to this commitment conference calls on the Labour party to examine all options for the running of High Speed 2’s rail operations including not for profit options.

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