Birmingham Post

23 September 2013

The Birmingham Post reports this morning that ASLEF is calling for a not-for-profit organisation to run HS2 if Labour is returned to government in 2015. The piece in the Post says:

Labour should consider allowing a not-for-profit organisation to run the HS2 high speed rail project if the party takes power in 2015, the train drivers' union has said.

ASLEF said it believed the development of the controversial railway line had to be at the heart of Labour's transport strategy. The union said it was right for Labour to pledge to hand over the operation of HS2 to Network Rail as it was important to ensure the high speed line between London, Birmingham, and the north of England was fully integrated with the rest of the transport system.

The demand came in one of 55 contemporary motions selected to be considered for debate at this year's party conference in Brighton. Other topics included the privatisation of Royal Mail, Syria, and the cost of living.

Both unions and constituency Labour parties are given a say on subjects which can be debated at the conference every year. A ballot to decide which subjects may be debated by activists will be held later. Up to eight subjects may be selected.

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