Katy calls for public commitment

24 September 2013

Katy Clark, the Labour MP for North Ayrshire and Arran, has called on Labour leader Ed Miliband to have the courage to renationalise the railways. Even if he prefers to use another word or phrase.

Welcoming much of what Ed said in his leader’s speech to the party conference in Brighton on Tuesday afternoon, she said: ‘I welcome the fact that Maria Eagle, who I hope will stay at Transport, where she’s doing some really good work, is moving, albeit slowly, to a position where we will, I hope, make a commitment to bring the railways back into public ownership, which would be a very popular policy.

‘We did not have the guts, or the political will, to do something about public ownership when we were last in government. We must have the will to do it next time.’

Speaking at the Tribune Rally in the Paganini Room at the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton, she added: ‘We must also make sure that the Royal Mail is not privatised and, if it is, that we will bring it back into public ownership. Without compensation. We must do everything we can to destabilise the privatisation process.’

Katy also called on Ed not to break the link between the Labour Party and the trade unions in Britain.

She said: ‘The trade unions started the Labour Party. The Labour Party was created as a political voice for the labour movement. Trade unions are incredibly popular organisations. The relationship with the trade unions is not up for grabs.’

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