Owen calls for public railway

24 September 2013

The columnist, agitator and author Owen Jones has called on the Labour Party to put the public ownership of the railway in its manifesto when the country goes to the polls in 2015.

Speaking at the Tribune Rally in the Paganini Room at the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton, he said: ‘If we want a really popular policy all we have to say is that we will bring the railways back into public ownership. As the franchises expire, we bring them back into the public sector, and we build a people's railway.’

Owen, who writes a weekly column for The Independent, was interrupted by spontaneous applause at the suggestion from all quarters of the room.

He has also written for The Guardian, the New Statesman, and the Sunday Mirror, but is probably best known for Chavs, chosen by the New York Times as one of its top ten non-fiction books of the year. He also gave a barnstorming speech at AAD in Edinburgh earlier this year.

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