Union calls for protection for train drivers

09 May 2013

ASLEF general secretary Mick Whelan today called for greater protection for train drivers from vandals and trespassers on the railways as two more trains were attacked. ‘This is becoming an everyday occurrence,’ Mick said. ‘Our members have the right to go about their occupation without worrying about their safety – and if the driver is under attack, so too are the passengers.’

Micksays sooner or later these attacks will lead to a major incident and he calledfor greater education in schools, on stations and within communities to warnpotential vandals of the seriousness of this dangerous anti-social behaviour.

Thechair of the union’s Motherwell branch was injured when a stone was thrownthrough his window as he drove betweenBlantyre and Newton stations just after 22:00 on Wednesday, and a Preston toLondon Virgin Pendolino train was delayed for three hours at Crewe after itwas attacked by youths who caused £6,000 worth of damage.

‘Tossing objects at trains isnot a bit of fun,’ Mick says. ‘It is a dangerous vandalism that could lead to aloss of life.’

Mick called for a continual processof education, rather than just ‘an outbreak of activity’ after an incident.

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