One Rail:Two Faces

20 December 2005

Newsletter that was sent yesterday to all ASLEF members in ONE Railway.

ONE Rail is proving to be one of the most unprincipled company with which ASLEF deals. And, believe me, that is some claim.

It talks without listening, it promises without delivering and it tells blatant untruths to passengers and staff alike.



The union has asked for a simple percentage increase in wages for our members working in ONE.

Management will not negotiate on this basis. They want to throw in productivity and harmonisation and other elements that disguise a pay offer that does nothing to improve our members’ standard of living.

Despite our members having twice rejected offers, ONE sticks obstinately to 4% for Great Eastern drivers and 4.5% - misleadingly run over a 13 month period - for Anglia and West Anglia.

It is not enough. That’s why the union on 30 December will be issuing ballot papers calling for industrial action. We urge you to back your officials and representatives – and vote ‘Yes’ in this ballot. The company needs to know that ASLEF members will not be ignored.


ONE believes it can treat your representatives with contempt and we will do nothing. It is true that we are reluctant to take action unless it is necessary. We have shown immense restraint in not acting on the two rejection ballots so far.

The company takes this as a sign of weakness. It has threatened ASLEF company council representatives with legal action and ignored agreed disciplinary procedures. ONE is deluding itself. ASLEF members will defend themselves and their union.


ONE has shown no sense of a duty of care to our members. It untruthfully blames its failures on our members, inviting public antagonism towards its drivers. Its latest tactic is to accuse ASLEF of taking unofficial industrial action for not doing voluntary overtime. This is nonsense - and we are taking legal advice on this baseless smear. The public is well aware that it is management’s job to provide drivers for trains. If they can’t do that, they should make way for a company that can.


We have reluctantly concluded that action appears to be the only way to secure a string-free pay rise for our members which will enable us to make progress on other outstanding issues such as productivity, harmonisation, industrial relations and discipline.

If you have any stories about your management that could be useful to the union in this campaign, please contact head office by post, phone or email to

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