Strike Ballot for ONE Railway Drivers

14 December 2005

ASLEF¹s Executive Committee today authorised a ballot for industrial action of drivers working for "One" railway. The result will be known on 18 January and if it is positive, will affect all train services into and out of Liverpool Street station at the end of the month.

The dispute is over pay. The union is seeking a straight, "no strings attached" pay increase for its 762 ‘One’ members, but the company persists with attempts to confuse the issue by introducing other elements, including productivity.

This will be the third time ALSEF members have voted on the issue. Two previous consultative votes - on virtually the same offer - heavily rejected the company’s proposals.

The union is also concerned over the lack of progress in harmonising pay rates from the three former companies that make up One Railways Great Eastern, West Anglia and Anglia.

The union"s National Organiser Andy Reed, who has been at crisis talks with the company council, said the company had been attempting to ‘coerce and mystify" rather than negotiate.

He said, ‘Their refusal to compromise has left the union with no alternative but to recommend industrial action."

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