28 October 2013

Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers' union, today echoed the words of the travelling public and thanked all the drivers who got into work today to get the show on the rails once the lines had been cleared.

Storms across southern England brought down trees, caused flash floods, and made travelling extremely difficult.

Mick said: 'I want to thank the ASLEF members, the train drivers, who went the extra mile today to get into work today and made sure that, once Network Rail had cleared the tracks - and I understand that takes time - and it was safe to run the trains then our drivers were there to get Britain moving again.

'The weather was awful this morning but, right across the south, drivers were doing their bit and I'm extremely proud of them. Passengers at stations have been generous in their praise for the hard work of drivers, and station staff, to make sure that a service was offered.

'I want to echo the words of the travelling public and say thanks for, once again, doing a great job.'

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