Network Rail to investigate

30 October 2013

Statistics collected by the Railway Safety and Standards Board show there has been an increase in trains speeding through lines where Emergency Speed Restrictions are in place. Now Network Rail  has initiated an investigation into why this is happening and what may be done to reduce the number of incidents.

NR says incidents have been recorded of trains passing through 20mph ESRs at 80mph. The investigation will start in early November and report in January. They will look at work on the Sussex, LNW and East Midlands routes and will include 'discussions with frontline staff to examine their awareness of the required controls and their purpose and to seek their opinion as to whether the controls are proving effective' - so this should include ASLEF members and representatives.

The audit will focus on the following specific areas: examining the risks, (including workforce, public and business), and controls in place regarding train speeding; arrangements for PSRs/TSRs/ESRs; protection arrangements for Adjacent Line Working; the equipment and tools used to manage train speeding; Network Rail and industry post speeding incident management, including investigations; impact of speeding on the infrastructure; Network Rail and industry train speed monitoring equipment, systems and processes; level of industry collaborative working on train overspeeding management; human factors influence on train overspeeding.

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