Still the Enemy Within

11 November 2013

The film, Still the Enemy Within, is a first time feature for director Owen Gower, and a landmark documentary. It tells the story of the strike through the voices of Arthur's Army - a group of miners who put themselves on the front line of every major battle for a year to defend their jobs and their communities.

Thirty years on, the film catches up with Norman, Jim, Howard, Buck, Jip, Joe and Steve to find out what life was really like on the front line. Whether it’s the comic misadventures of having the surname Strike, running battles with the police or the death of a best friend, their stories are funny, dramatic, sad and, ultimately, inspiring.

'Thirty years ago, Thatcher went to war,' says Owen. 'These are the voices of the miners who fought back.'

The film will look in detail at the whole strike and the different solidarity shown, bringing light to the role ASLEF – who refused to transport “scab labour” - and other unions had in supporting the strike.

There will be a special event to launch the crowdfunding campaign for Still the Enemy Within at Somerset House tomorrow [12 November] co-hosted by the FBU, CWU and Dartmouth films. It will be attended by solicitors Gareth Peirce and Matt Foot and Davy Hopper of the Durham Miners' Gala.

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