EC decide to lodge appeal against Brady decision

07 December 2005

The Executive Committee have received the written judgment from the Shaun Brady Employment Tribunal.


To read the Employment Tribunals Judgement click here.


The Executive Committee"s view is that the decision taking by the Employment Tribunal was perverse. The ASLEF Executive Committee will continue to defend the integrity and honesty of this trade union and is therefore making the necessary arrangements to lodge an appeal. Below is the resolution that was passed in today"s Executive Committee Meeting:


Consideration to the written judgement to the Employment Tribunal between S.Brady & ASLEF


The Executive Committee gave consideration to the judgement to ‘The Employment Tribunal re S.Brady & ASLEF’. It the belief of the Executive Committee that the decision of the ET failed to take account of;

  • Mr Brady"s involvement in fights with the president and failing in his duty to avoid or prevent such fights in breach of Rule 17
  • Mr Brady bringing ASLEF into disrepute, not least in relation to media coverage following the incident on 20th May 2004.
  • Mr Brady faiing to co-operate with the Kelly QC enquiry
  • Mr Brady misleading the Kelly QC enquiry
  • Mr Brady forging signatures on cheques


In addition the Tribunal called into question the honesty and integrity of senior representatives of this trade union. The Executive Committee were of the view that an appeal against the decision should be made and that our representatives and witnesses should be defended in the utmost and as such the following resolution was adopted;


1137/431 Proposed McDonald, seconded Davies


“That the judgement to the Employment Tribunal, S.Brady & ASLEF be noted and the General Secretary be instructed to make the necessary arrangements to lodge an appeal against this perverse decision and instruct our legal representatives as necessary.


Further, this Executive Committee wishes to place on record our full support for Bro.D.Tyson, Bro.A.Morrison and all our witnesses to the tribunal and will continue to defend their integrity and honesty.


All Branches and reps be provided with the decision of the Employment Tribunal and advised of EC Res 1137/431.”


Absent: Walker, Wilkinson, Usher


For: All the others

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