Memorial for 25th Anniversary of the Clapham Junction Rail Crash

26 November 2013

The accident happened when the crowded 06:14 train from Poole to Waterloo crashed into the back of the stationary 07:18 Basingstoke train, which had stopped at a red signal. A third train, travelling ECS in the opposite direction, hit the wreckage only minutes later.

The resulting Hidden inquiry into the crash found the primary cause to be wiring errors made by a rail worker who’d had only one day off in 13 weeks, and that a substantial overtime culture was to blame. The enquiry made 93 recommendations for safety improvements, including a limit on working hours.

The Clapham disaster was the catalyst that brought about significant change to working practices in our industry, particularly in relation to managing working hours and the recognition of the effects of fatigue. It is a tragedy that so many had to lose their lives prior to that change being delivered.

The memorial has been organised by Helen York, Paula Williams, and the Reverend Canon Hillary Johnson. There will be a small prayer service at 0830 for family and close friends only, and a larger remembrance service at 1030, both led by Johnson. The remembrance service is open to the public at the memorial garden by Spencer Park, ten minutes’ walk from Clapham Junction Station.

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