White Paper on Scottish Independence

26 November 2013

Mick Whelan, ASLEF’s general secretary, said: ʻThiswhite paper is a thick document full of false promises. We are backing the No campaign because we believe we are better together. We don’t want to put up borders because borders divide people. We want a proper, fully-integrated, publicly-owned railway in Britain and we want a proper, fully-integrated economy – and society – in the United Kingdom.’

Kevin Lindsay, the union’s organiser in Scotland, said: ʻNot one ASLEF branch in Scotland is in favour of taking this country outof the United Kingdom. When you get on a train from London to Edinburgh you don’t get asked for your passport, you get asked for your ticket, and we want to keep it that way. This is not about bashing Alex Salmond and the SNP; it is about having a vision – the right vision – for a fair and prosperous Scotland within the United Kingdom.’

ASLEF believes that, as part of the United Kingdom, Scotland can have the best of both worlds and be a strong, proud country with its own Parliament while also benefiting from the strength, security and opportunity of being part of the bigger United Kingdom.

Mick said: ʻIn our industry we have seen how a fragmented railway, after twenty years of privatisation, doesn’t work as well as properly integrated railway network. And a fragmented Britain won’t work as well, either, for the people on both sides of Hadrian’s Wall.’

Kevin said: ʻWe feel proudly Scottish but we also feel British. And we don’t have to choose between the two. That’s why we’re better off together.’

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