Fares fare

03 December 2013

Boris Johnson, the Tory Mayor of London, today trumpeted what he is calling a ‘fare freeze.’ Tickets, he says, will ‘only’ rise in line with the 3.1% inflation rate next year.

‘A fare freeze – a real fare freeze – means, to most people in London, that fares stay where they are and don’t go up,’ said Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union. ‘But, in Boris Johnson World, a fare freeze means that fares rise in 2014 by 3.1%. That’s not a fare freeze; that’s a fare rise.

‘A fare freeze – a real fare freeze – to help passengers would be a good idea in this Conservative Age of Austerity. But not a Boris fare freeze where fares continue to increase. I worry, with every new announcement from the Mayor’s office, that he is living on Fantasy Island…’

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