Transport Poverty

09 December 2013

‘Passengers are fed up with the poor value they are being offered by Britain’s privatised train companies and they want the government to do something about it,’ said Mick.

‘We warned a year ago that more and more people are falling into transport poverty and these new figures underline the point.

‘It cannot be right that passengers are being forced ­– and they are being forced because they have no meaningful choice – to pay through the nose just to get to where they work.

‘The fare rises next month are only going to exacerbate the problem and drive even more people into transport poverty.’

Mick added: ‘It cannot be right that prices are going up when most people’s wages are falling. The privatised railway isn’t working properly and the privatised train companies are ripping off the taxpayer and ripping off their passengers.’

Independent surveys show that the vast majority of passengers believe the fares they are being charged by the privatised train companies offer very poor value for money.

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