Fares unfare

02 January 2014

  • The campaign group Action for Rail said: '20 years of privatisation has failed to deliver on all of its promises. Fares have rocketed, public subsidy has more than doubled and there has been little in the way of new private investment.

    'Instead we have a fragmented, complex and dysfunctional rail system that increases costs, confuses passengers and remains reliant on taxpayer funding.'

    'At the same time, the private groups (in some cases foreign governments) that own the train operating companies continue to make enormous returns on minimal investment, profits that would simply not exist were it not for public subsidy. Something is clearly wrong with the system.

    'It doesn't have to be like this Publicly owned railways in Europe cost less to run and have lower fares. And every penny made on the railways gets reinvested for the benefit of passengers and taxpayers, not shareholders.

    'Our research shows that £1.2bn a year is squandered through the fragmentation, inefficiency and cash leaking out of the service in the form of profits and dividends as a result of rail privatisation. That's enough to fund an 18% cut in fares.

    'Public ownership of Britain's railways could mean lower fares and your money invested in staff and services.That's not only good for passengers and taxpayers but also our economy and our environment.'

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