Demonstrate for Korean Railway workers' rights

06 January 2014

South Korean strikers returned to work on 31 December 2013 following 23 days on strike, when a settlement was reached with the Korean Railway Workers' Union, allowing the KRWU to participate in an advisory capacity on a ‘Sub-committee on the development of the rail industry.  Nevertheless, activists have warned of the need to stay vigilent.

The railway workers' strike escalated before Christmas when police used excessive force, and searched and seized union records. The rail company dismissed 490 workers and almost the entire union leadership faced arrest due to civil and criminal claims for damages issued by the company.

Korea’s national trade union centre, the KCTU, called a general strike to protest against the increasingly authoritarian actions of the Korean government. The General Strike saw more than a hundred thousand demonstrating in South Korean capital Seoul and there are plans for a second and third general strike on the 9 and 16 January.

Korean unions are asking us to show solidarity by protesting outside embassies this week: The International Transport Federation (ITF) have therefore taken the lead in arranging a protest outside the South Korean embassy in London this Thursday from 10am to 12 noon. The embassy is at 60 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AJ.

There is a Facebook page for the protest and a Twitter hashtag: #KORAIL

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