GS pushes freight in Guardian letter

17 November 2005

The Guardian yesterday published a letter from Keith Norman on the subject of freight on rail, picking up on the carbon emission issue.

The letter reads

‘We at Aslef have offered a simple way of cutting carbon emissions without affecting the lifestyles of the UK population - by moving more freight traffic by rail.

‘Three facts about this are compelling: an average freight train can remove 50 HGV lorry journeys from our roads; an aggregates freight train can remove 120 HGV journeys from our roads; per tonne carried, rail produces around 10% of the carbon dioxide produced by road transportation.

‘We need some investment in terms of strategic transport hubs and the utilisation of a unique freight route the length of the country, but once we"ve done this, we can all breathe more easily.’

Keith Norman
General secretary, Aslef

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