Chiltern Railways

09 January 2019

Current Pay:


Next Claim:

31 March 2019
Additions Year 2:  2018 - 2.6% or Feb 2018 RPI + 0.25% whichever is greater

100% Pensionable Pay:

100% from Jan 2001

Additional Comments:

JWP to review weekend rostering. New grade of Depot Driver agreed for Banbury only. CICA replacement scheme of £1k in place

ASLEF Charter Achievements

Clean salary:


100% pensionable pay 100% from Jan 2001
Rest Day Working Sanction Sanctioned until 31 March 2019

32 hours/Sundays inside:

35 hour week. Sundays outside.
4 day week 13 Rest Days per 8 -week cycle. Minumum guaranteed 50% Saturday Rest Days
Leave arrangements 31 days A/L + any additional bank holidays. Normal bank holidays incorporated into 31 days AL

Special Leave Arrangements :

Stat. Mat + Pat+ maternity:- 12 wks at full pay then 14 wks at stat. Paternity:- 1 wk(5days) at full pay then 1 wk (5 days) at stat, all days taken must be consecutive. JWP.

Medically Restricted Drivers:

Dvrs with 5 years' service and over, sick pay arrangements improved to 30 weeks full pay and 26 weeks half pay

Improved HS / Welfare Ongoing - generally good

Travel Facilities:

Unlimited free travel on all Arriva Group (Arriva Wales, London, X Country, Grand Central, North, Chiltern). Protected staff travel. Reduced rate travel for unprotected staff on participating TOCs.

DOO status Agreement with RMT not to extend DOO

Proactive recruitment of Company training:

No problems

Retirement at 60:

65 with full benefits. 55 to 64 with reduced benefits.

Max 9h30 Day:

Maximum 10 hours since DRI.

Reduced hours etc:

N/A no short/fixed term contracts.  Job share arrangements are in place


Promotion & transfer agreement within Chiltern. Redundancy arrangements remain as per BR date at date of DRI

Enhanced training Very limited.  good for release to attend Union learning courses


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