Chiltern Railways

28 October 2019

Current Pay:


Next Claim:

1 April 2020
Additions N/A

Additional Comments:

JWP to review weekend rostering. New grade of Depot Driver agreed for Banbury only. CICA replacement scheme of £1k in place

ASLEF Charter Achievements

Clean salary:


100% pensionable pay 100% from Jan 2001
Rest Day Working Sanction 28 December 2019

32 hours/Sundays inside:

35 hours Sundays outside
4 day week 13 Rest Days per 8 -week cycle. Minumum guaranteed 50% Saturday Rest Days
Leave arrangements 31 days A/L+ any additional bank holidays. Normal bank holidays incorporated into 31 days AL.

Special Leave Arrangements :

Stat. Mat + Pat+ maternity:- 12 wks at full pay then 14 wks at stat. Paternity:- 1 wk(5days) at full pay then 1 wk (5 days) at stat, Proposal - 12 Wks Shared Parental Leave at 100%

Medically Restricted Drivers:

Dvrs with 5 years' service & over, sick pay arrangements improved to 30 weeks full pay and 26 weeks half pay

Improved HS / Welfare Ongoing - generally good

Travel Facilities:

Unlimited free travel on all Arriva Group (London, X Country, Grand Central, North, Chiltern). Protected staff travel. Reduced rate travel for unprotected staff on participating TOCs.

DOO status Agreement with RMT not to extend DOO

Proactive recruitment of under represented groups:

No problems

Retirement at 60:

65 with full benefits. 55 to 64 with reduced benefits.

Max 9h30 Day:

Maximum 10 hours since DRI.

Reduced hours etc:

N/A - no short/fixed term contracts. Job share.


Promotion & transfer agreement within Chiltern. Redundancy arrangements remain as per BR at date of DRI.

Enhanced training Very limited. Good for release to attend union learning courses.


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