EC resolves to fight ‘specially monitored drivers’ rules

09 November 2005

The executive committee has devised a strategy for establishing ‘fair and honest’ rules for Specially Monitored Drivers. National Organiser Andy Reed says the ‘points’ system has been subverted to the point that it is now unfair and unbalanced.

‘The points-based system means that poor marks on people’s records are being issued for a range of incidents. While they are mainly linked to safety on the line, they are also awarded for much less significant ‘domestic’ offences. We feel they must be very obvious distinctions.

‘Also, the ‘points’ system means an offence can remain on a record, whereas they are erased after five years in the current system. The whole system is a mess.’

The union’s executive has charged the General Secretary with producing an industry standard document which will define best practice. This will be done in time for the December 2005 meeting of the executive. Once it is agreed, the union will present the document to employers for urgent negotiations.

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