East Midlands Trains

20 November 2018


East midlands (Mid-Mainline)

East midlands (Central)

East midlands (Maintrain)

Current Pay:




Next Claim:

1 January 2019 1 January 2019  1 January 2019

Rest Day Working Sanction:

30/03/2019 30/03/2019 30/03/2019
Additions Salary shown is Sunday Inclusive. Sunday Exclusive is £51,230. Salary shown is Sunday Inclusive. Sunday Exclusive is £51,230.  

ASLEF Charter Achievements


East midlands (Mid-Mainline)

East midlands (Central)

East midlands (Maintrain)

Clean salary:


Yes, since 1999


100% Pensionable Pay:

100% from 1 Oct 2004

100% from 1 Jan 2003


32 hours/Sundays inside:

35 hour week. Sundays outside 35 hour week. Sundays outside 37 hours. Sundays inside
4 day week 4 day week 4 day week No
Leave arrangements 32 days (2 days kept back for xmas day and boxing day (if rostered to work) 16 days rostered and 8 days by request. 2 day extra leave if erst day falls on xmas day and Boxing Day 28 days

Special Leave Arrangements :

Stat. Mat + Pat & Family Friendly Policy. 

Mat.& adopt 6 wks full, 10 wks half + 10 wks smp, 6 wks full + 20 wks half (from April 05). Paternity 1 wk full and 1 wk Sta pat pay. 

Improved time off.


As per BR

1 free lateral to any CTL depot. No compulsory redundancies

Depot Specific (single location)

Medically Restricted Drivers:

Yes - MR drivers salary capped at salary at point of restrict confirmed

Medically restricted drivers retain current salary in any grade that's paid less. No insurance scheme

No agreement

Travel Facilities:

As per safeguarded and non-safeguarded arrangements

Unlimited free travel Central and W&B for staff and dependents (same sex partners recognised)

Free travel on Abelio's TOCs + c2c

Improved HS / Welfare No Paid release for TUC stage 2 courses N/A
DOO status   DOO ECS only  

Proactive recruitment of Company training:


Equal Opps policy very proactive


Retirement at 60:


Normal retirement age is 65, but can go at 60 if requested


Max 9h30 Day:


Max 10h30mins


Reduced hours etc:

Yes, on individual basis dealt pro rata. No general agreement

Job share (discussions broke down over protection of pension). Do have job share agreement, prorata, pay and leave


Enhanced training Separate RUL agreement negotiated Simulator and new training academy. DVD, VC of routes available on request
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