Great Western Railway

28 October 2019

Great Western


Great Western Railway (HSS)

Great Western Railway (LTV)

Great Western Railway (West)

Great Western Railway (Heathrow Express)

Current Pay: £60,123.00 £56,454.00 £52,192.00 £54,000.00
Additions:   Additional payment to be made and in 2020 all GWR Sectors will be on same rate of pay and annual leave days Additional payment to be made and in 2020 all GWR Sectors will be on same rate of pay and annual leave days 3rd Year as of 1/1/20 - £1500 on basic pay (raises base to £55,500). Management commit to enter talks if RPI is higher

Next Claim:

1 April 2020

1 April 2020

1 April 2020

1 Jan 2021

Rest Day Working Sanction:

Sanctioned until 28/12/19 Sanctioned until 28/12/19 Sanctioned until 28/12/19  

Additional Comments:

Minimum of 104 rest days Minimum of 104 rest days


No direct recruitment of drivers

ASLEF Charter Achievements

Clean salary:





100% Pensionable Pay:

100% from July 2002

100% from 1 Jan 2002

100% with effect from 2003 - made up of fully pensionable pay & pension restructuring premiums


32 hours/Sundays inside:

35 hour week Sundays outside 35 hour week Sundays ouside 35 hour week Sundays outside No. 35 Hour Week Agreement. Roster Reviews. Sundays inside.
4 day week 5+ block weeks 4 Yes - average 2 rest days per week sun outside  
Leave arrangements 32 days A/L 30 days A/L 29 days A/L (reflecting 4 day week) includes all bank holidays  

Special Leave Arrangements

Mat Pay 12 weeks average weekly pay followed by 27 weeks half pay. . 5 days Pat. JWP to look at family friendly policies

Maternity Pay. 39 weeks either Stat or FGW scheme payment rate (FGW scheme depends on qualification /opting for that scheme)

Mat. 26 wks-6 wks full,12 wks half, 8 wks stat. Pat.1 wk basic pay or 2 wks continuous leave-2nd wk stat.

Maternity Pay/Adoption Pay normal basic pay of 14 weeks from. Stat Mat/Adopt for remaining time. Paternity pay 10 days at normal pay


interim agreement covering HSS, LTV & West drivers

In place. Scrutinised between company council

PT&R amended to allow for driver transfer applications (within FGW) betn depots of former difft TOCs

 Multi depot

Medically Restricted Drivers:

Most depots accommodate restricted drivers.

New Depot Dvr grade salary reduced in stages for MRDs.  JWP to be set up for Sick Pay

MR drivers who perform any form of driving duties receive same driver entitlements including full pay.

No reported problems

Travel Facilities:

All staff FGW all line travel plus "affinity benefits". 2009 retired FGW employees unlimited travel retained until end current franchise, applicable to those retire/have retired during current franchi

All Great Western Franchise for drivers and eligible dependants. Retired FGW employees & dependants unlimited free travel until end of franchise. JWP active staff travel facilities

All Great Western Francise services for Drivers and eligible dependants plus non safeguarded free travel on all First Group TOCs.  retired FGW employees 20 box travel card for free travel  

Proactive recruitment of under represented groups:

Slow – monitoring ongoing




Retirement at 60:

Under consideration


any time 60-65 + no loss of accrued benefits.

No Progress

Max 9h30 Day:

10 hrs

No - 10 hrs

Max turn length reduced to 10 hours


Reduced hours etc:



Part -time working agreed for 2 Drivers. One job share application denied

Improved HS / Welfare Up to £250 p.a. Healthshield cover Up to £250 p.a. Healthshield cover Up to £250 p.a. Healthshield cover  
DOO status ECS only All drivers paid DOO as per DRI agreements Empty stock working only  
Enhanced training Leading drivers and route assessors work towards A1 qualification Trainees are with their instructors for 1 year which include skid pan training Only for recently qualified Instructor, leading drivers+ route assessors  


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