Solidarity with Venezuelan transport workers.

24 February 2014

“As workers and unions in the field of transport, we totally condemn the recent wave of violence from extremist elements of the right-wing opposition in Venezuela towards transport workers,the public transport system and the Ministry of Transport. 36 workers have been injured in this spate of terror, 200 people have received medical treatment and40 metrobuses attacked with passengers and staff inside. Now the Ministry of Transport has been attacked with firearms. In expressing our support for the statement of the Workers of the Caracas Metro and the Ministry of Land Transport (MPPTT), who have linked the violence to the wider pattern of opposition violence (including a siege of the state TV station VTV) aimed at de-stabilising the country's constitutional and democratically elected government, we support President Nicolas Maduro and the transport workers' calls for peace and dialogue, and an end to the extremist, anti-democratic violence of elements of the opposition".

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