ASLEF lobbies Parliament over freight on rail

19 October 2005

Over 100 ASLEF members and representatives lobbied Parliament today to call for government backing for the union’s campaign to see more freight moved by rail.

They heard speeches from trade unionists, politicians and transport lobbyists before going down to the Central Lobby to seek the support of their constituency MPs. Gwyneth Dunwoody MP insisted ‘rail is the future’ while Livingstone MP John Devine said you need only to look at accident statistics on motorways to back the campaign. MPs Kelvin Hopkins, John Smith and John McDonald added their voices in support. Lord Berkley spoke emphatically about the need to see European rather than just national services.

ASLEF General Secretary Keith Norman said it was ‘hugely encouraging’ to see that the lobby attracted not only members of ASLEF, but also Amicus and RMT members, as well as members of transport lobby groups and company representatives.

‘The longer this campaign goes on, the more friends we find,’ he said. ‘I believe the ‘Who Cares?’ campaign is morally right and logically unchallengeable.'

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