Union urges branches to vote in ITF election

19 October 2005

Candidates have been named for the election of delegates to the 2006 International Transport Federation Conference.

There are four nominees for the ITF (south) vacancy. These are Bro R.Buckingham (Slade Green) Bro P.Calvert (Ashford) Bro R.Luxford (Three Bridges) and Sis R.Peterson (St Pancras Branch).

Seven candidates have put their names forward for the ITF (North) position. They are Bro R.Cash (Chester) Bro P.McNally (Worcester) Bro A.Moss (Longsight) Bro M.Nicholson (Carlisle) Bro N. Roebuck (Sheffield) Bro T.Venson (Rugby) Bro D.White (Blackpool) and Bro S.Wilson (Buxton)

The closing date for the return of branch ballot papers is Monday 12 December 2005.

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