Oppose mega trucks

07 March 2014

Although the UK Government is currently opposed to allowing mega trucks on UK roads, past experience shows that these longer heavier HGVs will end up coming here if they are operating across the EU.

These vehicles would cause more fatal accidents, more congestion and more pollution as well as costing taxpayers billions in road damage caused by their size and heavy weight. This freight should be taken by rail.

We therefore ask members to find their MEP here: and write to them to ask them to oppose this amendment. Below is some suggested text.


Please stop the European Parliament's Transport Committee changing legislation to allow international traffic of mega trucks. The Committee will vote on 18th March on revising the weight and dimensions provisions in the HGVs Directive 96/53.Please tell the Committee members they should not make this amendment.

Even though the UK Government currently says it will not allow mega trucks, European legislation to allow bigger heavier trucks to cross international borders which will pave the way for mega trucks of 82ft and up to 60 tonnes in weight which will increase road fatalities, road congestion, road damage and pollution as well as forcing trainloads of freight back onto our congested road network.

Once mega trucks are allowed to travel internationally across Europe the UK Government will come under huge pressure from the road haulage industry on competition grounds to allow these HGVs.

There will be a domino effect and mega trucks will come to the UK by default.

These lorries would have far bigger tail swings, blind spots and inferior manoeuvrability and handling/stability problems, such as snaking, which would result in more fatalities and injuries for vulnerable road users. In the past 4 years, more than half cycling deaths in London involve HGVs which only account for 4 percent of traffic. Even the European Commission admits mega trucks are more dangerous than existing HGVs.

Please tell Committee members to reject this amendment.



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