No one to be charged over Potters Bar

17 October 2005

The Crown Prosecution Service today decided not to bring charges over the train crash at Potters Bar which killed seven people. Keith Norman, General Secretary of ASLEF, said the decision meant a corporate manslaughter law was no longer an option: it was a blinding and immediate necessity.

‘How is it possible that seven people die, and not a single person comes to court?’ Keith demanded. ‘It is privatisation’s final insult: the railways are not only out of public control, they are now also formally above the law as well.’

Keith spoke of his anger that, ‘If this crash been caused by the driver of the train failing in his duties, he would have been pilloried in the media from now till Doomsday. Yet when senior managers fail in their obligations, they walk away without a thought..

‘Corporate manslaughter is a crime,’ he says. ‘It only differs from other crimes because it is not punished.

‘This must be rectified as a matter of urgency.’

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