Arriva Rail London

28 October 2019


Formerly Silverlink Metro / LOROL & Formerly Greater Anglia West



Arriva Rail London

Arriva Rail London WAI

Current Pay





Commitment to explore further elements of pay submission. Talks ongoing with a view to closing out in Nov 2019 if agreement is reached. If not next pay claim is 1 April 2020.

Next Claim

1 April 2020

1 April 2020

32 Hour Week

No 34 Hour Week / Sundays inside

No. 34 Hour Week with Sundays outside

Rest Day Working Sanction Until



Additional comments



ASLEF Charter



Clean salary



100% pensionable pay

100% from July 2003

100% from DRI 

32 Hrs/Sundays Inside/Committed Sundays

No. 34 hours / Sundays inside

No. 34 hour Week/Sundays outside

Special Leave Arrangements

2 weeks Paternity 1st week Full Pay 2nd Week Half Pay. Maternity 26 weeks at 100% & 13 weeks at stat rate

Maternity: 26 Weeks Full Pay/13 Weeks Stat Pay.  Paternity: 2 Weeks Full Pay

4 Day Week

Yes - 2 rest days minimum per week

Yes - 2 rest days every week


PT&R operates at all ARL Depots

PT&R operates at all ARL depots

Medically Restricted Drivers/Ins Scheme

MR drivers salary protected @ 90%


Drivers accommodated. MR driver salary protected @ 100% 

Leave Arrangements

32 days - 34 days (after 5 years service)

24 days (6 weeks Annual Leave)

Travel Facilities

Non-protected staff: TFL Oyster Underground + buses (all zones). XC, Chiltern, Grand Central & Northern

Non protected staff: TfL Oyster Underground+Buses (all zones). Chiltern, Cross Country, Grand Central, Northern.

Proactive recruitment of under represented groups

Agreement on equal opps monitoring.

Agreement on equal opps monitoring

Retirement at 60



Improved H&S/Welfare

Dealt with at JSC

As per legislation. 4xJHSC

Max 9 hr 30 min day

Max 9 hrs

Max 9.15 hrs

Reduced Hours etc

Yes and Career Break scheme. Job Share trial agreed.

Job share agreement & reduced hours arrangements

DOO Status

Yes on all routes

Yes all routes DOO

Working Time Directive             

Monitoring by reps

Monitoring by company

Best Practice SMD

Issue to be resolved by new LM CC


Enhanced Training

Safety Briefing Days. Simulator & computer based training.

Safety briefing days. Simulator & computer based training.

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