31 May 2018

Current Pay:



Lead driver: £49,530

Next Claim:

Jan 2019

Rest Day Working Sanction:

Sanctioned until 29/12/18

Additional Comments:

2017 - New rate of pay £40,355 for PQDs for first 2 years then full Drivers rate. Sundays paid at 1 + 1/5. 1/5th will be banked

ASLEF Charter Achievements

Clean salary:


100% Pensionable Pay:

100% from DRI 1998

32 hours/Sundays inside:

35 hours / Sundays outside / Committed
4 day week Yes Sundays outside
Leave arrangements 4 weeks rostered 11 floating days

Special Leave Arrangements

Domestic / family emergencies 2011. Where rest days fall on either xmas or boxing day a compensatory day leave to be taken before April following year. Childcare voucher scheme is in place. Shared parental pay is available but only legal minimum. Sick pay is 26 weeks full pay then 26 weeks half pay.


No compulsory redundancies

Medically Restricted Drivers:

2 positions at present (Birkenhead shed)

Travel Facilities:

Company free travel for all staff (also free on Northern Rail and Greater Anglia and Scotrail)

DOO status Non passenger only

Proactive recruitment of Company training:

Ongoing campaign

Retirement at 60:

No progress

Max 9h30 Day:

Max 10 hour day

Reduced hours etc:


Improved HS/Welfare Satisfactory


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