South Western Railways

20 July 2018

(was South West Trains)

Current Pay:



+ Regional allowances.Driver as D.Instructor £2,400 P.A. Driver as Leading Driver £1,876. Depot Driver: £40,069, Trainee £25,513

Next Claim:

 1 April 2019

Rest Day Working Sanction:

Sanctioned until 26/12/20

Additional Comments:


ASLEF Charter Achievements

Clean salary:


100% Pensionable Pay:

100% from April 2000 full back dating still to be achieved

32 hours/Sundays inside:

No 35h / 4 day week.  Depot drivers 38hrs reducing to 35 in Jan 2016
4 day week Yes
Leave arrangements Normal 4 week fixed leave arrangements. Paternal / family friendly / part time. 27 days AL from May 14

Special Leave Arrangements

Agreed part-time procedures.  Maternity / paternity leave


BR PT&R/RT&R in place. Additional clause 8ii move, available after 3 years. Additional move after 15 yrs service

Medically Restricted Drivers:

Guaranteed ill health severence payment up to one year salary. Retention of their rateof pay on medical redeployment
Improved HS/Welfare Training reps & mgrs in chain of care & support

Travel Facilities:

Free on SWT & EMT for employees and their families and for staff retiring at 65

DOO status No DOO

Proactive recruitment of Company training:

Active recruitment of women + ethnic minorities

Retirement at 60:

not yet achieved

Max 9h30 Day:

6 - 9hrs 30 mins (Av Turn length 8.45 hrs from December 2013)

Reduced hours etc:

Family friendly part-time working procedure

Enhanced training One practical and one classroom based training day annually
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