Virgin West Coast

28 October 2019

Current Pay:


Additions: London Allowance £1,700. booking on payment of £86.89 per Rest Day worked plus flat rate

Next Claim:

 28 May 2020

Rest Day Working Sanction:

until 30/11/2019

Additional Comments:

6 months reciprocal notice period

ASLEF Charter Achievements

Clean salary:


100% Pensionable Pay:

100% from 07/01/02

32 hours/Sundays inside:

35 hours with Sundays outside JWP to explore 1 hr reduction (no loss of pay) from May 2017

4 day week: 4
Leave arrangements: 5 weeks + 12 floating days

Special Leave Arrangements :

9 mnths Mat @ normal pay. 10 days Pat.

Medically Restricted Drivers:

Come under stood off arrangements (purple book)

Travel Facilities:

Virgin Std after 6 months (1st at Weekends). 1st class Virgin after 5 years. Introduction of Plus 1 Travel Facility. Also Friends & Family tickets

Proactive recruitment of under-represented groups:


DOO Status:

ECS only

Retirement at 60:


Best practice SMD:

Company tabled change to support provider

Max 9h30 Day:

Max 10 hr day length

Reduced hours etc:

 Job share agreement in place

PTRA: Lateral Transfers commence 1 Jan 2008
Improved HS/welfare: Ongoing


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