Fares unfair

01 April 2014

New research, by independent analyst Barry Doe, reveals that passengers have been ‘systematically ripped-off’ since John Major’s Conservative government allowed train companies to ‘take passengers for a ride’ and make a private profit out of what had been, since the Second World War, a public service.

Any time return fares between London and Manchester, and London and Bristol, top the rip-off league table at 245 per cent; the cost of getting to Manchester on Virgin has soared from £93 in 1994 to the current £321. A similar ticket to Bristol with First Great Western has risen from £56 to £193.

Mick said: ‘It is wrong, in principle and in practice, to make a private profit out of Britain’s railways. The money taken in profit disappears into shareholders’ pockets, often overseas, rather than being reinvested in our railways, helping to bring down fares, or being returned to the Treasury, like the money being made on the East Coast, to help fund our hospitals and schools.

‘The truth is that after twenty years of privatisation things aren’t getting better. That’s why opinion poll after opinion poll shows that most people – including most Conservative voters – in this country want our fragmented railways brought back into public ownership so we can run a properly integrated public service. It’s time to build a better railway for everyone in Britain.’

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