Network Rail

31 March 2014

‘We welcome this news because we desperately need more investment in the infrastructure of this country. But £38 billion only keeps us standing still. It won’t let us get ahead of the game. It’s like the way we are building HS2 which won’t connect with HS1; there’s not enough joined-up thinking to really build the transport system we need and we deserve.’

The Network Rail announcement was timed to coincide with news that Network Rail is to be fined a record £70 million for passenger delays.

‘It’s the old good news/bad news story,’ said Mick. ‘Network Rail is spinning its investment plans to take the heat off its performance.

‘It’s massively disappointing for all of us who work in, and use, the railways in Britain and shows that twenty years of privatisation, and the constant drain of money out of the industry, and into the pockets of a few private investors, is having a deleterious effect on the railway.

‘The truth is that after twenty years of privatisation things aren’t getting better. That’s why opinion poll after opinion poll shows that most people – including most Conservative voters – in this country want our fragmented railways brought back into public ownership so we can run a properly integrated public service. It’s time to build a better railway for everyone in Britain.’

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